New fur baby hired for on-site supervisor!


We named him Dusty after our company name Sawdust and Stone Builders. He had some tough competition from other local rescues but he is by far the most affectionate and even tempered puppy we've ever met. He was the natural choice to become the on-site construction supervisor and help David and the crew build backyard kitchens and decks. He's already had his first day while we built a deck and concrete patio with a sandstone paver path. He did a great job and made sure the construction crew were working safe with closed-toed shoes, safety glasses and treats in their pockets.

The Northern Front Range is not only home to our family construction business, its where we live and play. And our hometown of Fort Collins is a total dog lovers paradise. Everyone we know has their own doggie to love on. We've been looking for a dog to add to our family and business for awhile now and came across this little guy at a sanctuary out in Eastern Colorado. He came right over and put his head in our sons lap, and that was it. Our family grew by four paws.

As with any supervisor keeping up to date on their training is always a priority. Once he's been trained around the equipment and of course is fully house trained, feel free to ask about him performing an inspection of your project. He is already super dedicated to providing top-quality work always willing to make a house call. And of course customer satisfaction is guaranteed!