When Life Gives You Lemons...


The brilliant thing about living with a contractor and my life taking place in a construction zone is that when I get the crazy idea at 10:20 PM to build our son Cody a lemonade stand, by 2:00 PM the next morning Cody can step right up and start practicing those entrepreneurial skills!

Unbelievable as it may be, the day he worked his lemonade stand he made more at the yard sale than me and my husband combined! He wisely saved the profits and started an ice- cream fund which lasted all summer.

"he made more at the yard sale than me and my husband combined!"

I heard from a friend afterward that I should be glad that we weren't fined for not having a permit. I was shocked, a permit for a small project like this?! No, she said for selling lemonade! I didn't believe her but when I looked it up it was true. And you betcha as early as 1879 lemonade stands have been shut down because they "blocked the sidewalk, leading authorities to intervene."

This iconic example of the American entrepreneurial spirit has been shut down even in recent years due to not having a permit to sell food. Plus, lemonade stands have been slapped with "fines as high as $400" for operating without a permit!

"slapped with fines as high as $400 for operating without a permit!"

Can you imagine having your little preschool child so excited to have helped his dad build a lemonade stand only to have a police officer tell him its against the law! Crazy right!? Well I also read that August 20th is now unofficially National Lemonade Freedom Day. So here's a great big cheer to all you rebel lemonade stand makers and the rebels who run them.

"August 20th is now unofficially National Lemonade Freedom Day."

Luckily David knew that the stand wouldn't require a building permit or we could have been risking even more in fines. As far as needing a food permit though I guess we were just rebels for the day.

There are great risks and rewards to being a contractor for residential construction projects. And if you're like me and life seems like one big remodel there are some serious drawbacks to living in an "under construction zone" but seeing the joy and pride on both my boys faces at their success with this build is worth every speck of dust.

~Construction Mom